• what is ROOT?

    a rich, experiential three day event that weaves together a deeper connection to self, nature and community. wisdom keepers will host a series of walks, talks and experiences on the grounds giving us new insight into ourselves and the world around us.

    nourish your ROOTs in nature with a heart-centered community and support important causes for humanity!

    marketplace . cafe . readers . healers . collective art in the woods . rewild the child


    ROOT is also a fundraiser for the Ancient forest Alliance & Surfrider, who work tirelessly to protect our sacred old growth forests & precious oceans, waves & beaches.


    expand and explore your inner self by gaining insight with the help of readers, healers and crystals, the fascinating metaphysical and intuitive world. this warm and inviting atmosphere creates the perfect setting to support those on their journey into a deeper understanding of self.


    be inspired and educated around the sacredness of nature and its deep running roots that connect us to mother earth. she is part of us, and with a greater understanding of our interconnectedness, we can learn to observe and discover the wisdom she has to offer. some of the experiential activities will be earthing, urban foraging, guided forest walk and walking meditation.


    we do not stand alone, we co-exist together on this beautiful planet and by practicing mindfulness and compassion we uplift ourselves and others. giving is a fundamental practice that can be so simple in nature, but create major shifts in our life and the lives of others creating a stronger connection to one another and to our community.