• sunday afternoon

    rewild the child

    children arrive on this planet with a glorious sense of curiosity and wonder for the world around them; where everything seems magical. the forest is an absolute perfect place of enchantment, where on SUNDAY we will offer 3 sessions for children to rewild through movement, sensory exploration, creativity & play.

    Wild Roots Creative Movement

    Nikki Lock, Wild Roots Dance & Yoga

    Sunday 1:00 to 2:00

    Connecting Children to their Wilderness through Authentic Movement

    This session fosters creative movement while empowering children to be imaginative, confident, curious and free to express their own authentic self. Through movement, they will have a chance to connect with their wild environment and build a respect for our beautiful woodlands.


    The class takes place among the trees and kids will be encouraged to explore the beauty of nature using all of their senses. We will play, climb, jump, crawl, stretch, dance and sing together! Let’s encourage our little ones to be creative leaders, explore their world with a sense of awe and celebrate their own uniqueness.

    Recommended Ages: 5-12

    Shapeshifting Power Animals

    Dante Chicano, Green Man Adventures

    Sunday 2:15 to 3:15

    Human beans have the uncanny ability to shift into fluid animal forms through play, dance, adornment and imagination. Since ancient times we humans have danced our way into Black Bear, Raven, Cougar, Thunderbird and countless other beings. We did this not merely to have fun, but to empathically embrace the Others that we share our ecology with so that we may experience the world from their perspective and power.


    We invite your child to an introduction to Shapeshifting into your Spirit Animal and discover the hidden powers within with Dante!

    Meeting the Magical Forest

    Hayley Newell

    Sunday 3:30 to 4:30

    Play, curiosity, wonder and deep reverence for the natural world. These are the values Hayley brings to her work with children. An innovative educator, counsellor and clown, she aims to meet each child where there are and see their unique gifts such that they can shine out into the world.


    Join Hayley in the magical forest where we playfully meet the beautiful spirits of the woods. From listening to trees to building sweet faerie houses, we will wander the forest paths and see what sparks our curiosity.