• exhibitors & marketplace

    it takes a community to build this community. come and connect with some exciting people running some of the city's most respected organizations and businesses.

    vancouver island chapter

    surfrider vancouver island are a collection of like-minded vancouver Island coastal inhabitants. no matter where they are originally from, they call vancouver island home now and are focusing on ways of protecting and preserving it into the future. It’s with this unbridled dedication of volunteers that surfrider is able to exist and to continue to flourish.

    "we are surfers, paddlers, students, teachers, professionals, young and old. together, we are working to keep vancouver island a special place."

    protecting BC's super, natural old-growth heritage.

    the ancient forest alliance (aka) is a british columbian organization working to protect the endangered old-growth forests of bc and to ensure sustainable forestry jobs in the province. it was registered as a bc non-profit society in February 2010 and is run by bc environmental activists ken wu, tj watt, joan varley, and hannah carpendale.

    clear connection

    maureen fountaine, shaman, full mesa carrier & intuitive

    doing readings since childhood in a​ tent in the backyard, maureen uses cards to bring light to your most pressing life challenges and expose what is in the way of forward movement. our emotional and spiritual health impacts all that we are and all that we aspire to be.


    readings​ are ​practical, directive and inspirational. as the blood speaks a language of its own, tarot cards unravel the language ​within your energy field. the Ontological life coaching aspect of her practice merges beautifully with the exploration of energies and clear intention. ​curious for a peek inside​?


    john prevost began painting at age 40 after visited his cousins in alert bay. many of them are painters and carvers and they showed him the basics. he has gone on to create some incredible artwork at "our place", where he has served his community by volunteering for many years.


    john prevost is a talented artist who has overcome so much in his life and is an example of transformation and pure resilience.


    art has been “awesome therapy,” helping him overcome his past and creating a new life. the hummingbirds he paints are messengers of peace that heal the body and soul, and act as guides through life’s challenges.

    ray of grace

    jonathan beals, certified attunement practitioner

    still your mind
    calm your nerves
    refresh your Spirit
    the spirit of grace meets us where we are, yet does not leave us where it found us.

    through a focus of loving presence over your chakra, endocrine and skeletal systems, gracepurifies your energetic body so your spiritual world and physical world recognize their oneness. in jonathan's integration work he relies heavily on the instinctual agreement of body elemental intelligence and use silence and sound (chant or instruments ) for you to achieve this oneness.

    tea leaf readings

    nicole has been working one to one with clients for over 20 years and values the solid ground of practical skill, integrated with the beauty of the mystical. tea, for her, offers both.


    reading tea leaves is a way into the mystery. it is an ancestral tool for accessing that which comes through when one is humbly and fully present. the grounding multi-sense physicality of tea: aroma, heat, solid cup, liquid tea, visual beauty, pattern variety and different tastes helps to drop the veil between realms.

    taryn scammell

    based in errington, pacific northwest malas is a company built around an intense passion for the land it is named after. the creator taryn scammell, has lived on and meditated in the forests of vancouver island since she was a small child and she has found malas to be a beautiful way to enhance her connection to both spirit and her meditative practice.


    every mala is hand crafted with love, cleansed and blessed before it goes out in search of its new caregiver. they take the responsibility of providing people with quality spiritual products very seriously.

    messages of the stars

    diane clarke, all the way from las vegas!

    astrological consultant, teacher, writer & researcher

    diane blends her astrological expertise with an extensive background in psychological, metaphysical and spiritual studies, mythology, alternative health disciplines and feng shui.


    after nearly fifty years of studying the “messages of the stars”, diane continues to be in awe of the powerful guidance that the planetary cycles provide us. it is her intention to share with you some insights that she's picked up along the way that have brought light & delight to her path. It is my fondest desire that these insights will bring light to yours, too!

    forest escape . virtual reality & healing experience

    jeffrey & catherine kuipers,

    vr alchemy

    spend a luxurious 15 minutes in restful solitude enjoying your own private forest. Gentle sounds and soothing music encourage a meditative state. Enjoy a blend of massage, therapeutic touch and hot stone therapy for deep relaxation and grounding.


    Forest Escape is a Virtual Reality Experience co-created by Catherine and Jeffrey Kuipers, who are combining their artistic and healing talents. Escape to the forest and return to your self.

    have a look at last year's ROOT!:

    brad & bree Rudner, certified functional diagnostic nutrition and holistic health practitioners

    brad & bree offer a unique blend of bioenergy therapy, holistic nutrition coaching and circadian biology alignment to promote healing opportunities and transformation. successfully working with clients dealing with autoimmune disease, hormone imbalance and blocked energy pathways. they also provide education and consulting to support better wellness for the whole family. they are offering free consults and an introduction to their coaching packages in nutrition and/or bioenergy therapy.

    celestial grace .

    a collective sisterhood

    brooklyn glass, celestial float & laurel draper, reflexologist,

    celestial float is a home based float center, where you can enjoy the profound experience of a dimmed sensory stimuli and gravity free environment in a 1000lbs epsom salt glory bath. in this environment, your body can easily find homeostasis and enter a state of deep relaxation and restoration.

    also from the collective....

    laurel draper, reflexologist who uses specific thumb and finger techniques to stimulate reflex points on the feet, in which corresponds to the whole body. this practice reduces stress, promotes relaxation, increases circulation, and further enhances ease of movement in the body.


    book a discounted float, a reflexology session, buy some nourishing skin care products, or ask us about our collective.

    terry mack

    these native american style flutes are all hand made by makers in canada and the u.s. terry connects people to the flutes and helps many people find their way into their own song.


    she promotes the development of a community of people interested in the many aspects of playing the native american flute and encourages people to play in the community. an accomplished musical artist, her cd's are also available for sale.

    a team of committed innovators and teachers have come together to bring to life a new kind of school here on Vancouver Island - we're calling it Xploration Centre. this initiative is emerging out of the conditions of this evolutionary moment. nothing like it exists today. It is our goal to be centred on southern vancouver island. the first learning cluster will consist of 15 - 21 children between the ages of 5-12.

    do terra essential oils

    lee hindrichs,

    proactive healthstyle

    when you partner with nature, you do create a better life. utilizing essential oils can impact every aspect of your life from cleaning your home, taking care of the garden and taking care of your body. doTerra brings these profoundly complex and effective oils into your life.

    aly coy

    savage daughter soap company provides high quality, affordable body care handmade on Salt spring island, with organic oils, beeswax & local herbs. all organic products have a no plastic policy, are made without chemical preservatives, and include a whole lotta love.

    monica gabriel

    the world tree carbon offset program is made possible by the unique qualities of the empress tree. the world’s fastest growing hardwood, it reaches maturity in less than 10 years, eating up tonnes of carbon in the process.


    we envision a future where farmers are appreciated for the significant role they play and people are inspired by their contribution. our carbon offset program makes it possible for everyone to reverse their impact on the environment and generate wealth for themselves, their families and their communities.

    nikki lock

    at wild roots dance & yoga, our goal is to provide quality instruction in an encouraging and positive environment. located in victoria, classes for all ages and abilities are available to those who desire to create, stretch, move and dance! It is in our dan to connect with each other through the beat, gathering as a community to support each other and dance our hearts out!


    anyone, anywhere in their story can dance! come and see what wild roots can offer for you today.

    chakra cosmogram sessions

    alexandra will support you to deepen and expand your consciousness, on the path to inner peace throughout many aspects of life.

    the question is:
    have you tried many things, but still find yourself with anxiety, a sense of loss, frustration, worry, or even fear? or are you at a standstill in your life right now, not knowing your next step?

    alexandra will walk with you, and guide you through the mystery: calling in insights, peace, clarity and awareness. with a strengthened core, you will once again feel congruency with your soul’s path.

    multi-dimensional energy readings

    Luma opens access to the Akashic / Quantum Field and uses her multi-dimensional perception to help you see your life from the perspective of your higher self.​ ​

    See where you have been in the past and why things were the way they were​.

    Reveal what appears to be blocking you from moving forward in new ways​.​

    Experience energetic clearing of those blocks​.

    Illuminate new choices, pathways and possibilities​.

    Align with your higher purpose​

    Navigate change and maintain your new alignment as you move forward​

    angel empowerment readings

    erica oelletier,

    angel medicine woman

    a practice of spiritually guided healing from the angels for all levels of your life. these readings deliver positive and helpful messages from your angels that you need to hear most at this point in your own unique journey. erica also offers an array of techniques and skills to help you move confidently forward on your path helping clear, balance, and open your higher senses and chakras so that you can further hear, feel, see, know, trust, believe, and have faith in your own intuition and divine life guidance.

    fireweed botanicals 

    & soul readings

    joanne marks, herbalist, bach flower remedy practitioner, clairvoyant

    joanne creates unique healing medicinal plant oils and salves harvested from the wilds of vancouver island and organic gardens in a co-creative relationship with the consciousness of the plants.


    she is also a conduit for nature and the cosmic mother, joanne will also be offering guidance in practical and profound aspects of your purpose and calling, and show you where your greatest liberation will source from. learn who is guiding and helping you and the greater purpose of the present relationships in your life; human, animal or otherwise.

    joanne fraelic, psychic, reiki master, crystals & jewelry

    crystals & gemstones choose us, just as mother earth draws or invites us to visit certain spots on the planet that hold certain minerals. our bodies are made up of silica which is crystal formation which aligns with each mineral or crystal that we are needing, to assist us in our healing journeys.


    come see what crystals or minerals call to you and joanne can explain why your body chose that specific piece of mother earth to work with you.

    hillary childs

    huckleberry hill is a small soap and natural body care company based in otter point, just outside of sooke. In addition to soap, huckleberry hill makes deodorants, lotions, bath products and much more. they are produced are made with the high quality certified organic or natural ingredients. locally-grown herbs and botanicals are used when available. all our products are made in small batches to ensure quality and consistency.

    patrycja sikorski

    looking out onto the waves of the salish sea, voluspa botanicals day spa brings a holistic spa experience to victoria. using only organic and biodynamic products, patrycja sikorski creates a custom spa experience to promote inner balance and outer beauty. patrycja will be offering hand and arm massage at ROOT, to try first hand her nourishing and nurturing services.

    rochelle williams

    roshelle celeste is an intuitive coach who utilizes heart based transformational tools to guide people into identifying and stepping into the full expression of who they are. In the marketplace,


    she is offering crystal jewellery and paintings to serve as a focal point for bringing new energy in, and as a reminder of the changes you wish to embody more fully in your life.

    trade winds

    jenni fehr

    trade winds showcases representations of the sacredness of life through acrylic medium on canvas. with intention to raise awareness to and celebrate the unity of all, each peice brings forth a moment of beauty within the ever changing journey of life.