• launch into ROOT !

    friday apr 7. 2017


    dinner. music. mix & meet social

    support amazingness & the luminous forest!


    ROOT begins its weekend with a sense of community & connection. listen to gentle island music wafting through the air as you enjoy a beautiful vegetarian meal, and get a chance to connect & reconnect with some truly interesting an inspiring people.


    we have a magical addition to our launch night, the luminous forest. this unique experience will begin at sunset and aims to transform the forest into a mystical, environment. . so bring your mug, and enjoy a warm chai out under the stars.


    ROOTs launch nite in sep 2016 was a fabulous success, as we were thrilled to raise close to $500 for Surfrider Victoria. so come and join us to do the same, If not better for the dedicated team of ancient forest alliance.

    devoted to protecting our sacred forests

    the Ancient Forest Alliance (AFA) is a british columbian organization working to protect the endangered old-growth forests of bc and to ensure sustainable forestry jobs in the province. it was registered as a bc non-profit society in february 2010 and is run by environmental activists ken wu, tj watt, joan varley, and hannah carbondale.

    joshua schmidt

    experience the magic of the luminous forest. walk within an enchanted bio-luminescent grove where the trees gently glow, evoking a childlike sense of joy and wonder in those who explore it.


    a unique interactive experience, once immersed you’ll begin to feel the tranquility of the forest and notice the gentle twinkling of lights as the trees move in the wind, becoming ever more tuned into the natural world and the organic rhythm of life.


    it is a moment of pause, of wonder, and play within a mystical luminous environment.


    the luminous forest also raises awareness of the importance of preserving our last remaining old growth forests. It is currently working alongside the coalition of artists for the walbran (CAW) to raises awareness and encourage action to preserve the unprotected old growth within the Kaxi:ks, aka the walbran valley, bc.​

    alyssa jean is an amazing singer/songwriter and guitar player as well as a long practicing yogi and teacher. born into a family of musicians she began writing music at twelve and performing in local coffee shops, opening for her older sister. at seventeen she was a top 18 canadian idol finalist. she attended selkirk music college, and has since been teaching music lessons to both children and adults.


    alyssa has been described as "a bright light that really shines" and will be playing her shanti sound during the launch dinner.

    multi-cultural medley by mitali

    • enchiladas
    • ratatouille, deconstructed, with a twist
    • chilled asian noodles & fresh greens
    • carrot halwa with coconut icing
    • spiced chai with almond milk

    its bring your own plate, utensils & chai mug!
    help us stay zero waste and bring your own implements. we have a few on standby, but the stash is limited. it's all about what is best for the planet!

    **entire menu is gluten and dairy free**