• inspiring talks

    sharing wisdom gives us new insight, into ourselves and the world around us.

    Hwiemtun (Fred Roland)

    Sweat lodge Keeper, intercultural teacher and global traveler

    Saturday 10:30 to 11:30


    “We all come from the earth vibration since time immemorial, and now are remembering who we are. Nothing is new, it is old memory.”

    Join Hwiemtun for an experiential presentation on traditional music and energy as our healing direction for the future.

    Born and raised in Khowutzun (the ‘Warm Land’) by a Coast Salish mother and Hawaiian lineage father, Hwiemtun received many teachings of his Coast Salish culture. Through spending many years with elders of his territory, Hwiemtun learned the cultural and spiritual traditions of his ancestors. During the last 20 years, he has journeyed around the world to explore and share ways of being with elders and healers of many indigenous tribes. Visiting tribes such as the Makushi, Wapashani, Shipibo, and Yanamamo of South America; the Kajikhastani and Hungarian tribes of eastern Europe; and the Humung, Tai Muang, (Thailand) Ainu (Japan) just to name a few, Hwiemtun also visited the elder monks of India, Nepal and Lhasa, Tibet.

    Dr TCM, Founder of Bodhi Tree Healing Centre, Ambassador of LOVE, World Wide Educator and Speaker

    Sunday 11:45 to 12:45


    It’s time to share, what I have kept private for 20 years...stories of my unfolding spiritual path, my serendipitous and mystical experiences that supported my personal growth..." Dr.Tanya Gee, Dr.TCM


    Join Dr.Tanya as she engages you with her spiritual adventures that provided the seeds that bloomed to form her garden of wisdom. From the Monasteries of Tibet, to the Temples of Sacred Waters, to the Jungles of Asia, and more all to learn to travel deeper into the terrains of her heart. The greatest teacher will always be who is in the heart of your hearts.

    Energy intuitive, Multi-dimensional healer, Weaver, Artist and Writer

    Saturday 11:45 to 12:45


    Imagine your distant future descendants can travel at the speed of delight to visit you here in 2017. What would they want to tell you? What wisdom would they have to share to help humanity make it through the current predicaments we are facing?


    Join Luma for an entertaining inter-dimensional adventure that will shift your perception of time-space and beyond. Through her work in the Akashic field, she encountered some very exuberant Beings who want to inspire humans to steer themselves towards a very bright future. She has been busy writing about this and will share some excerpts from her forthcoming book, Living at the Speed of Delight : An Inter-dimensional Orientation Guide for Awakening Cosmic Humans. She will also lead a short guided journey into the Akashic Field so you can download some valuable insights from your future selves. Leave your old perceptions of reality behind and be prepared to dispel disbelief with laughter!

    Greg Sam

    Tsartlip First Nations Elder           

    Sunday 1:00 to 2:00


    Greg Sam is a Coast Salish speaker, storyteller and ceremonial master, whose delightful energy and infectious smile helps bridge the gap between Native society and the wider world.


    Dedicated to education about Aboriginal culture, his peoples’ lifestyle, and their way of teaching, he was born into the Tsartlip First Nations and was given the hereditary name of Lux-Lax-A-Luc. He was brought up immersed in the traditional culture and values of the Tsartlip people.


    Come and sit awhile and listen to an elder described by those who know him as a man with compassion, humour, spirit and a sense of pride in what it is to be native.

    Artistic Mystic~Author, Artist, Systemic Constellation Facilitator

    Sunday 10:30 to 11:30


    Every being belongs and has it's place in nature. The human form has removed itself from this natural law and connectional belonging. Healing for a human being and nature can begin when connection is made. Join Alexandra in sacred circle for ceremonial connection and teaching. Through the vertical journey of your soul you will have the opportunity to discover your own sacred place. Your place in the world, amongst greater nature and within yourself.

    Reverand Al

    Founder of The Dandelion Society

    Saturday 2:15 to 3:15


    Known as “Rev Al” by Victoria’s street community, Reverend Allen Tysick has been committed to the streets – where his heart and “family” are – for over 40 years. He founded the Victoria Dandelion Society in April 2011 as a way to carry his work on the front lines into the future.


    Wherever he is, Al reminds people that they matter. He treats marginalized persons with dignity and respect by offering them the best of his compassion, hope and care.

    Kim Davis

    Researcher, Editor, Story Crafter, and Photographer

    Saturday 3:30 to 4:30



    The soft prick of pine needles; the exotic scent of night jasmine; the melodic hoot of Barred owls; the sweet juice of fresh berries; the radiant brilliance of autumn sunsets; the buoyant grace of deep knowing: our physical senses, and what Stephen Harrod Buhner calls our “feeling sense,” are the means by which we interact with and are shaped by the information-rich world around us; the mediums through which our spirits have a human experience.


    Overtly and covertly, our senses influence our health, mould our culture and define our relationship with the earth. Unfortunately, for many of us, our senses have become dulled, or even numbed, by the fast-paced, sensorily overwhelming lives that we live. Exploring the intersection of sensory anthropology, spiritual ecology, biophilia, neuroscience, mindfulness and magic, Kim invites you to rediscover and awaken the latent power of your sensuousness, and in the process help re-enchant the world for all.

    Jane Warren Campbell (aka. Rashana)

    Nature Communicator, Creator of Rashana Sound Essences and the Freedom Release Technique, Channel and Author.

    Saturday 4:40 to 5:00


    One day, while sitting at the base of a stately hemlock tree, Jane found herself invited into conversation. She knew immediately that the tree was asking her to be a scribe and share the tree's messages with the world. What followed was the development of a surprising friendship, offered through messages of love and wisdom, and a heart connection so pure that it often moved Jane to tears and lifted her into higher states of awareness.


    Jane will read from her upcoming book, Conversations with a Tree, sharing some of the profound and heart-felt messages from her tree friends Henrietta and George.

    Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (Bree) and Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach (Brad)

    Sunday 2:15 to 3:15


    Brad & Bree will meld some cutting-edge science with ancestral wisdom while offering practical ideas to improve our ability for light to be our guide. They will touch upon circadian rhythm, quantum health, evolutionary biology as well as the precedents of indigenous traditions, energy healing and our intuitive sense of nature’s cues, to bring clarity to the importance of our interaction with all types of light and even, darkness.


    The session is aimed to empower your health, your family’s well-being, children’s development and your sense of symbiosis with the living world around you. Join Bree and Brad for an exploration of light and its effects on our mind, body, and spirit.

    Kundalini Yoga teacher and founder of Bodisana           

    Sunday 3:30 to 4:30


    How many moments of life are missed in favour of future results, worry about outcomes, planning what to say & concern of what others think?


    In this session on the breath, Janelle shares her background as a professional triathlete & remarkable comeback to sport after a car accident that nearly took her life. How even when she achieved the monumental task of crossing the “impossible” finish line in 3rd place - it was just another result that didn’t bring fulfillment.


    Her passion & commitment is to share with you, how breath, even in movement, is one of world’s most powerful healers of spirit, mind and body.


    The mind follows the breath - the body follows the mind. This is it. This is your life.