• experiences in the forest

    come and feel, sense, move and listen in the woods, with amazing guides!

    Herbal Wisdom and Plant Energy

    Della Rice-Sylvester, Cowichan Elder

    Saturday 1:00 to 2:00

    Della Rice-Sylvester is a healer, cultural keeper, singer, ethnobotonist, & workshop trainer of the Cowichan peoples.

    Della has learned from her grandmothers and has been studying and educating plants as medicine her whole life. Endowed with this spiritual and cultural guidance, come and join her for a walk in the woods as she shares herbal wisdom and her deep relationship with the plants and their spirit energies.

    Forest Wisdom Meditation

    Taryn Pickard, Pacific Northwest Malas

    Saturday 2:15 to 3:15

    The forest has many gifts to give us, from wisdom to relaxation and healing. Join Taryn amongst the trees and allow her to guide you to your center where you may open to hearing the messages of the forest. Please wear appropriate clothing and prepare to connect directly to the earth.


    Mother nature first taught Taryn to meditate in the trees and beside the ocean when she was 4 years old and she has since turned to the forest on an almost daily basis to help teach her how to live with more peace, presence and love.

    Walk with the Goward Woodland Stewards

    Everett and Merle Peterson

    Saturday 11:45 to 12:45

    Being stewards of the Goward woodland since 1989 and who have nurtured and tended with so much care, This walk will be give much insight to its many nuances. observe how several distinct ecological zones within this forested ecosystem provide not only the inspiration but also the self-definition of opportunities and limitations for renewal and ecological restoration of this precious urban forest.

    Forest Bathing

    Reed Richard,

    Bending Reeds

    Sunday 2:15 to 3:15

    Forest Bathing is an opportunity to drop into deep resonance with the natural world. It will combine elements of naturalizing ourselves to the forest(shinrin-yoku), sense awareness cultivation and embracing playfulness.


    The need for nature therapies is coming to the forefront of our culture. This practice has been in the unfolding for Reed for over a decade.


    Please wear clothes comfortable for moving and being in nature.

    The ART of Living

    Kristy Brugman Intuitive Artist, Art Therapist & Community Arts Facilitator

    Sunday 11:45 to 12:45

    There is creative energy all around us and innately and naturally coursing through us. this energy can serve as a wise oracle, a mystic, communicating with us in intuitive ways and leading to insights , inspiration & transforma- tion we could not have accessed in other ways.


    Starting with a movement meditation, followed by a walk AS nature and then finally moving to engage in a meditative intuitive creativity practice using basic art materials supplied. Be prepared to get your hands into water-based paint.

    Spirit Walk &

    Sitting Spot

    Elinor Bazar,

    Rising Sun Counselling

    Sunday 3:30 to 4:30

    Attune to mother nature's subtle field, as we walk barefooted(optional) during this mostly silent forest meditation. Beginning by setting prayerful intention, we will enter the forest quietly and reverently, as our ancestors once did. Using ancient and modern mindfulness practices, we will listen deeply to our surroundings as we walk, sit, and observe nature with all our senses, opening us to nature's gifts of insight and inspiration. Join us as we deepen connection to ourselves, to the Earth and to our community. Leave deeply relaxed and nourished.


    with Trees

    Joanne Marks,

    Fireweed Botanicals

    Saturday 3:30 to 4:30

    We are already so intimately and symbiotically in relationship to trees; we need each other just to breathe. There is just as natural a place within us that knows the language of trees and how to communicate, reciprocate and build relationships with them. Come spend some time with me and the Cottonwood trees of Goward House property. Learn to open yourself to individual trees, what they have to say and to trust what you are experiencing is real.