• giant transformational crystal grid

    join sarah manawey, and her crystal team to co-create one of my magnificent and powerful giant transformational crystal grids for the ROOT. take a peaceful stroll down to the end of the field where you will find her creating and activating this beautiful emitter of intentional energy, light and healing vibrations. come and place some stones in the grid, sing, chant or simply meditate with the grid, and if you wish to add your own special pieces while you are there, they will go home with you fully charged and vibrant.


    for this event the crystals will be blessed and activated by the group at the start of the day and transported to the grid site. sarah will be creating a central meditation circle with crystals and then inviting others to choose some stones to represent themselves and their community. these will then be placed end to end, in a spiral, radiating out from the center. the intention of this grid is to represent many communities of people all holding hands together creating the spiral of life. once made the grid will form a walking mediation labyrinth that all may come and enjoy.