• come to the forest, come and celebrate the magic of the ocean...

    Welcome to ROOT Victoria. Sept 23.24.25

  • About ROOT

    A three day event, Sep 23.24.25, 2016 is created to allow you to cultivate a deeper connection to self, nature, and community.

    Our location: the beautiful Goward House, 2495 Arbutus Road, Victoria, BC. Click here for a map.


    Friday Launch 6-9

    Saturday & Sunday 10-5

    ROOT is also a fundraiser for the Ancient forest Alliance & Surfrider, who work tirelessly to protect our sacred old growth forests & precious oceans, waves & beaches.


    evening launch $20-$30 . sliding scale

    $20 for Saturday or Sunday


    expand and explore your inner self by gaining insight with the help of readers, healers and crystals, the fascinating metaphysical and intuitive world. this warm and inviting atmosphere creates the perfect setting to support those on their journey into a deeper understanding of self.


    be inspired and educated around the sacredness of nature and its deep running roots that connect us to mother earth.  she is part of us, and with a greater understanding of our interconnectedness, we can learn to observe and discover the wisdom she has to offer. some of the experiential activities will be earthing, urban foraging, guided forest walk and a walking meditation.


    we do not stand alone, we co-exist together on this beautiful planet and by practicing mindfulness and compassion we uplift ourselves and others. giving is a fundamental practice that can be so simple in nature, but create major shifts in our life and the lives of others creating a stronger connection to one another and to our community. a space will be provided for those groups doing epic work selflessly in service to encourage and spread their awesomeness.

  • launch into ROOT !

    food . music . mix & meet . support amazingness!!!


    what unfolded at ROOT in the spring was the sense of connections being made, the feeling of community, like-hearted people gathering together. in a very relaxed and comfortable way underneath the trees.


    what better way to begin the weekend together again in the autumn, but to start with the invitation for reconnection & new connections


    so come and have a beautiful indian meal prepared so thoughtfully by mitali tayal(formerly of Sutra)

    sit back and listen to the earthy island music of adam bay and fundraise for an epic cause, surfrider.....

    'protect what we love'


    SURFRIDER . a dedicated and powerful organization

    protecting our sacred oceans, waves and beaches.

    Surfers, paddlers, students, teachers, professionals, young and old together working to keep vancouver island the special place it is.


    funds raised this evening goes to aid their deeply passionate work


    Earthy, edgy, and upbeat, Adam's music reflects deep West Coast roots and a life-long passion for global sounds. Raised on Vancouver Island, this one­-man-band is captivating audiences all across the island and super happy to have him part of launching ROOT!!


    Adam has also partnered with 'The Jellyfish Project Society', a non-profit organization that uses music, live performance, and learning resources to generate awareness and provide education on ocean sustainability, climate change and environmental stewardship.

  • Speakers under the tent

    Sharing wisdom gives us new insight, into ourselves and the world around us.

    BC's Old Growth Forest

    Maureen Fontaine

    Ontological Coach and Spiritual Intuitive, Intrinsic Principles

    The Sacred River Within - An intimate look at the merging of body, mind and spirit


    A single drop of blood holds memory, struggle and potential. It can unveil the underlying cause of symptoms and reveal the foundational nuances that are contributors. Whether it is a plumbing problem, an energy and fuel issue, or a situation of a ‘home’ invasion, the solutions become clear and simple. Within the blood profile also lies the intrinsic spiritual expression of your 'soul-speak'. What are the messages that run in your Sacred River?

    Artistic Mystic

    Author, Artist, Systemic Constellation Facilitator

    Dolphin Sun Activation

    Pineal Gland Activation and Heart Attunement

    No one really knows what tells a seed: “Open, Expand and Grow!” Maybe it is the innate wisdom, a whisper from Life, a nudge from Earth or All of it. We ourselves have a Seed, the Pineal Gland, planted deep within our brain.

    The Dolphin Sun Activation is the whisper & nudge that will activate your pineal gland and attune its connection to your heart.
    Embodying this inner technology can open your channel to Divine wisdom, Cosmic intelligence and Soul purpose. Would you like to be part of a guided journey through Sacred Geometry to meet the Dolphin Sun Beings?

    Catherine Kuipers

    Free your Wild Self

    Return to your natural habitat


    The Wild Self is a true aspect of our being, one which has been shunned, ignored, blamed and repressed for too long.


    Come and hear real life stories of how recovering connection to your own wild nature can nurture and inspire your whole life. Learn what you can do to help your wild self thrive and how to inhabit your body and your world.


  • Experiences in the forest

    Come and feel, sense, move and listen in the woods, with amazing guides!

    Island Roots Meditation

    Taryn Scammell, Pacific Northwest Malas

    Let Taryn's guided visualizations connect you more deeply to the forest, the ocean and this magical rock we call our home.

    Please wear appropriate clothing for the weather, including appropriate shoes for a short walk through the forest.

    Cultivating Your Roots and Branches.

    An Earth and Sky-based Qi Gong Experience

    Aaron Banfield, Beyond Acupuncture

    The old ways teach that in addition to our physical bodies we have an energetic body that extends out and connects with the forces around us. In this workshop we will use movement, breath, and shamanic visualization to expand and enhance our energetic connection to the soil and the sky- channeling their abundant energy and pure vibrations to cleanse, nourish and balance our own being.

    Gaian Heart Attunement .

    Group Energy Activation

    Luma Catherine Malone, Soul Essence Akasha 

    Our ancient ancestors were connected to the earth in ways that we have long since forgotten. They followed the seasons of the year and practices that honored the earth. Listening to the wisdom of nature they trusted the relationship they had with her, enjoying the healing she provided.
    Join us to learn about this ancient practice, why it is important and participate in an Earthing ritual for yourself. Be prepared to take off your shoes and connect with Gaia.

    Music & Movement Medicine

    Join Brian for a deeply nourishing and grounding yoga and sound journey to start the day. First, a gentle breath and movement practice to connect our ​heart​s​​, earth​ and sky​; followed by a meditative sound journey using drones, medicine melodies, Tibetan bowls and more to call in the forces of nature ​for inspiration and guidance.

    We will be in nature so please wear comfortable clothes to move in and bring a mat or blanket to lie on.

    Celebration of Life

    Magic & Wild Medicine

    Sheila Wray, Hedgewych Wilds

    Sound Healing Journey for the Chakra System

    Tanya Devine, Devine Didjeridu 

    Using Australian Didjeridus, Singing Bowls, a Medicine Drum, A Steel Tongue Drum, Chimes and more. Allow yourself to be guided into the deep of space, of ocean, of fire and earth. Journey with the Stars, the jellyfish, the Eagles, the lava and the roots that connect us all.

    Tanya has been walking her medicine path in complete surrender to the healing vibrations and guidance of the Ancient Spirit of the Didjeridu.

    Your system will feel physically and spiritually, realigned, clear and in tune.

  • Nourishing "Magical Cafe"

    Sit for a while…...and enjoy delicious organic treats and light fare in a zero-waste magical cafe,

    made by the talented and ever so lovely, chef & owner, Cindy Meiklejohn

    everything magical cafe

    A Super compassionate, community-oriented organic market and cafe located in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia. They strive to nourish the Earth and its inhabitants while supporting local farmers and artisans.

    Under the red umbrella!

    Meet the sweetest little coffee cart around! Georg from Red Wagon Espresso will be serving up a wicked coffee pulled on a vintage Italian lever espresso machine.

  • Exhibitors & Marketplace

    It takes a community to build this community. Come and connect with some exciting people running some of the city's most respected organizations and businesses.

    Protecting BC's super, natural old-growth heritage.

    The Ancient Forest Alliance (AFA) is a British Columbian organization working to protect the endangered old-growth forests of BC and to ensure sustainable forestry jobs in the province. It was registered as a BC non-profit society in February 2010 and is run by BC environmental activists Ken Wu, TJ Watt, Joan Varley, and Hannah Carpendale.

    Chakra CosmoGram Sessions

    Come and experience the energies of sacred geometry in the Chakra CosmoGram System. The Dolphin Chakra chart, created by Alexandra is grounding and uplifting; it deciphers the code to take you beyond the mind and mental understanding. Sessions with Alexandra offers clarity and understanding in a mysterious way special to you. Her rich heart facilitates navigating the unconscious field of your Being.

    Educating young people and the public about marine and watershed ecology through hands-on engaging, joyful and interactive outdoor programs. SeaChange has created and delivered award winning marine ecological programs to youth within the CRD over the last 15 years.

    With Saanich First Nations, SeaChange offers ethnobotanical tours, native plant restoration and education programs within Gowlland Tod Provincial Park, also known as Place of the Blue Grouse (SṈIDȻEȽ) by the Saanich (W̱SÁNEĆ) people.

    Scientific + Non-Predictive Modern Palmistry

    Joan Trinh Pham, The Modern Palmist

    Hand analysis is a modern form of ancient palmistry. it seeks to support individuals to create their own futures by understanding the present-day relationship between thinking, feeling and behaving represented in the lines and patterns of the hands. Modern palmistry is a holistic personality typology assessment tool that honours embodiment of soul + consciousness as vital ingredients to a meaningful, vital life.

    Understand your unique talent, purpose, strengths, challenges + possibilities in this lifetime according to your hands.

    Kyle Hart & Ruth Schwartz

    With a simple mission, to empower people and protect earth, Awaken Apparel is inspired and created by the laws that govern our universe. Spiritually inspired clothing that is created with earth in mind, made in Canada using earth friendly dyes.

    High Vibrational Crystal Healing Jewelry

    Hand made high Vibrational Crystal and Semi Precious Gemstone Healing Jewelry. Dee is passionate about choosing only the best quality, highest vibrational crystals and every single piece is created with love! 

    Taryn Scammell

    Based in Errington, Pacific Northwest Malas is a company built around an intense passion for the land it is named after. The creator Taryn Scammell, has lived on and meditated in the forests of Vancouver Island since she was a small child and she has found malas to be a beautiful way to enhance her connection to both spirit and her meditative practice.

    Every mala is hand crafted with love, cleansed and blessed before it goes out in search of its new caregiver. They take the responsibility of providing people with quality spiritual products very seriously.

    The Hermitage

    The Hermitage is a small, rustic meditation retreat centre located on an organic farm on the ocean. At the Hermitage of the Dharma Fellowship, we believe that the path of meditation, the conscious practice of compassionate love, and the careful stewardship of our Mother Earth are precious seeds required for our planet’s future.

    The Hermitage provides a quiet and nurturing environment for the study and performance of meditation and yoga, along with the exploration of art, philosophy, psychology, metaphysics and the healing arts, as a means of self-discovery.

    Sacred jewelry and talismans from wood, feather & bone

    The basic inspiration for Kristen's jewelry is driftwood – trees once firmly rooted and majestic are reduced to pieces shaped by waves and wind. Each completely unique with it’s own story to tell. They are birds, coyotes, countless Eyes of God reminding us that nature does indeed see us, if we take the time to notice. They deserve to be honoured.

    Rhythms of Nature. 

    Shamanic Virtual Reality Experience

    Jeffrey & Catherine Kuipers, VR Alchemy

    Bringing together ancient healing arts with cutting edge technology, Catherine and Jeffrey Kuipers have co-created a magical experience for you. Go on a journey beyond the confines of your body into an immersive Virtual Reality world. Follow a narrative that expands perception and returns you to the sensations of your embodied nature. Let gentle drumming and guided meditation ground you on the Earth, and complete the experience with energy work.

    Ray of Grace sessions

    Jonathan Beals, Certified Attunement Practitioner

    Still your mind
    Calm your nerves
    Refresh your Spirit

    The Spirit of Grace meets us where we are, yet does not leave us where it found us.
    Through a focus of loving presence over your chakra, endocrine and skeletal systems, gracepurifies your energetic body so your spiritual world and physical world recognize their oneness. In Jonathan's integration work he relies heavily on the instinctual agreement of body elemental intelligence and use silence and sound (chant or instruments ) for you to achieve this oneness.

    Dawn Kirkham

    Simply Crystals offers an extensive range of beautiful crystals and other metaphysical products all picked for their energy and vibration., These exquisite pieces can be used to promote health and wellness.   Dawn has a vast knowledge of the crystal world and loves to share her passion.

    "The feeling of Perfect"

    Salt of Life - Solé is the substance produced when ethically-mined Himalayan salt chunks and good quality water are mixed together in a glass or ceramic jar for 24 hours. This action produces a naturally occurring and life-giving electrolyte called Solé, also known as the "water of life"

    DoTERRA Essential Oils

    Lee Hindrichs, Proactive Healthstyle

    When you partner with nature, you do create a better life. Utilizing Essential Oils can impact every aspect of your life from cleaning your home, taking care of the garden and taking care of your body. DoTERRA brings these profoundly complex and effective oils into your life.

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